United Kingdom!

I haven’t updated for a while, I know. Honestly, I just keep forgetting. Sorry!

We’re up to the United Kingdom on our little tour of the world geography program this year. We’re finishing up England, and we’ll look at Scotland and Wales, then move on to Ireland. After that, it’s Scandinavia and then Western Europe.

I’ve found a good system for getting library books in good time. I have a Google Calender reminder set every Wednesday to put books on hold, and which week of books to put on hold. So each time I get a new reminder, I put a set on hold. It’s enough in advance that I can wait until they pretty much all arrive, then pick them up at once. It helps that I have a teacher’s account on my library card, so I can check the books out for a longer period, and don’t have to worry about turning them in too soon.

We’re reading about William Tyndale, and coincidentally, my friend Jenny (my little Jenny is named after her) just gave Emily the book “The Queen’s Smuggler,” one of the Trailblazers series that is about William Tyndale. I’m not sure if her reading is at the level of the Trailblazers books yet, so I guess we’ll see! Right now, Emily is really into the Imagination Station books and the Three Cousins Detective books, and is also reading some Magic Tree House books. I got a selection of mysteries (her favorites) that looked about the right level from the library (the A to Z mysteries, etc.), to see if she was interested in any of those. She loves to read and goes through books so fast! We gave her the latest Imagination Station book for Easter on Sunday and she finished it this morning.

I also found some fun books for Jenny at the library today where the parent reads the left-hand side of the page and the child reads the right. I don’t remember the series name, but they have titles like “Pirate Pat” and “Miss Moss.” She wanted to start with “Miss Moss,” so we read that one this afternoon. And, of course, Charlotte is still all about the “That’s Not My…” series by Usborne. She did branch out a bit today and get “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” today. She spent about half a hour pointing to the animals and saying, “Red bird?” “Yes.” “Green horse?” “No, that’s a blue horse.” “Blue duck?” “No, that’s a yellow duck.” Red appears to be the only color that she’s reliable on. 🙂 We’ll get there.

Megan is 5 months old! It’s amazing how fast they grow. I’ve been trying to really enjoy these baby days, in case Megan ends up being our last. I’m already a bit sad how quickly the newborn stage is over and how it’s almost hard to remember how small she was. I wish I was better at taking pictures. I just never think of it!

I’m starting my planning for next year now. We’ll be doing Sonlight’s Core B once we finish our geography program, which I’m guessing will be around September, but it will depend on how much time we lose with moving and getting settled in our new place. I do tend to find that the kids behave better when we get at least a little school done each day, though, so hopefully we won’t miss too much. We don’t follow the school year, as we school year-round and just start the next thing when we’re ready for it (for instance, Emily is doing Singapore Math 1, which is split into 1A and 1B… but we’ll just switch to 1B whenever she finishes it, regardless of time of year, and when she finishes 1B we’ll switch to 2A, also regardless of time of year). But there’s a bit more planning involved with doing a Sonlight core, so I’ll probably order it a bit in advance of when we need it so that I can preread and prepare stuff, etc. I’m hoping to add some additional books to some of the major cultures that we’ll be studying: Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China. I got some ideas for books for Egypt, Greece, and Rome from Veritas Press, and I’m hoping to see if any are at the library when we arrive at our new place, so that I can get an idea of whether they’re worth adding to the core. India and China are a bit harder. I have some interesting readers planned, but I might see what else I can find as well. I don’t really mind if the core takes a bit extra time to get through, as we have the summer to school, and it wouldn’t hurt for Emily to be a bit older before getting to some of the cores. At the same time, I also don’t want to stay on a civilization until we’re bored to death of it. So it’ll be a bit of a balancing act. I got some kits that are from Hands and Hearts and have what look like fun, interesting activities to go along with some of the cultures, so I’m hoping that will make it a bit more hands-on and fun for a 6- or 7-year-old and a 5-year-old who is tagging along (because of course she’ll want to do the crafts).

I’m really excited about starting Core B! While I’m enjoying doing our geography curriculum, I will look forward to be doing a real Sonlight core again, and having the core chat and everything. And a new set of readers for Emily!


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