Wrapping up England

We’ve been doing some of the books for England out of order a bit, but I think we’re finally at the point of having just a day or two left. We have one mini science experiment (fairly simple, balancing a marble on an index card on a glass and sliding the card out to watch the marble drop, learning about Newton, since he was English), a couple of stories about John Wesley, and, well, all but one chapter of Paddington Bear. I think we might read another chapter or two and then continue the book as a bedtime story, if the girls are interested. Since we’ve gotten better about getting devotions done every night, the bedtime story has fallen by the wayside, so maybe I can try to revive it.

I’m trying to really buckle down and get some serious packing done for our move. The hardest part to figure out is our bedroom. Since Megan sleeps in there, I can’t really work on it during her naps or when she’s down for the night without waking her. I contemplated putting her to bed in the playroom this evening, then moving her back up to our bedroom after her first feeding, but I just don’t want to deal with disassembling and reassembling the pack and play. I think what I might do is to pull anything I can out of the bedroom that can be easily transported elsewhere to be packed up. Then just finishing the last stuff when she’s awake. I’ll have to see how well that works. If I just plan on doing it in small bits, it might possibly work out okay. In general, though, I think I’ll focus tomorrow on getting anything done that I can pull from that bedroom, and then also work on packing up the homeschool stuff. Might be a short school day tomorrow!

I did make a box store for the girls this evening. A while ago we had a large delivery from Amazon (diapers and stuff) that came in a giant box, and I’d been meaning to make a box store like the one here: http://childhood101.com/2009/12/diy-kids-ice-cream-shop/ Ours will definitely not be nearly so cool, as I didn’t have the time and don’t have the special colored tape and such. But hopefully the kids will at least find it mildly entertaining for a few days. Might as well let them enjoy the box until I have to break it up for the move (not attempting to transport a giant empty box, even flattened). Maybe once we’re settled in our next place, I’ll try to time a couple diaper deliveries to come from Amazon together again, so we can get another giant box. šŸ™‚ Or we could, like, order a fridge. For the box, you know.


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