Little House of Boxes

Our house has become a mass of boxes (even more so than it was before, because we never fully unpacked, knowing we’d be here for a limited amount of time). I’ve been really trying to get as much packing done as possible, since I don’t know how much time we’ll have left. We took two giant boxes to Goodwill on Sunday. Nice to get stuff out of the house.

I feel like I’m now living in a perpetual to-do list of what to pack next. It’s so hard, too, not knowing what to prioritize, given that I haven’t known how long we’d be here. Seth is already officially working at his new location, but he went there to check in and then took two weeks of leave to get some more work done out here. He has one more week, but then he has to get back to work in our new location, and we tentatively thought about the girls and I going with him and staying at his parents (which is not right where he’ll be working, but closer than here). However, I think we’re going to stick with our original plan for now, which was for the girls and I to stay here until we have a house to move into.

We put an offer on a house, but it has another offer on it. We’ll find out in a few days which offer they’ll accept. Really hoping it’s ours! This house would be really ideal.

We didn’t really get much school done on Friday or Monday, because I was busy trying to get packing done, thinking we were moving in a week. Since it looks like we’ll probably end up staying a few more weeks at least, I’ll try to get school in tomorrow. We’ve got all these books on Wales, Scotland, and Ireland stacking up, and we haven’t even finished England yet. So we’ll need to “go to.” We’re also hoping to make a few fun trips in the next week if we can, to the Creation Museum and to a wildlife park. I’ll let you know how those go. If I don’t post again, you can assume we were eaten by wild giraffes.


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