Ants, ants, everywhere

Spring is here, and with it all the lovely aspects of warm weather! And by “aspects” I mean insects. We’ve had a mild ant problem in the girls’ bedroom. There’s one particular window where ants seem to like to come in. I’m a little concerned that they’re carpenter ants and have a nest somewhere in the walls, so I put out traps that are supposed to work for carpenter ants.

The problem is that Charlotte is terrified of ants. And by terrified I mean practically phobic, hysterical screaming, may make herself throw up with terror. This is less than a fun way to welcome a lovely season. I try to kill any that I see when I’m trying to get her to go to sleep, and breathe a sigh of relief that her bed is on the opposite side of the bedroom and so she’s unlikely to get any in her bed (otherwise she might never sleep again–seriously, these things are like the clown in a Stephen King novel to her). Her bed is also starting to get crowded again. She loves to have so many books and stuffed animals and dolls in there… I’m looking forward to getting settled in our new house and getting a second bunkbed, so we can put her on the bottom of one and give her some room to spread out. It’ll be a huge relief. I keep hearing things fall off the bed in the middle of the night.

Still trying to pack the house. Or, all the stuff in it, really. Did you catch that I said ALL the stuff? Packing is a pain in the butt. There are so many odds and ends, things that don’t quite fit into boxes, things that go together that you’d like to pack together only they don’t fit in the same box, and things that you need until the last minute so you can’t pack them now, so that you’re constantly making decisions. I sometimes feel like, “Just throw everything into a box and be done with it,” except that you CAN’T! The boxes have to be full and the weight has to be supported, which means that you can’t just throw things in boxes, you actually have to look for the right stuff so that it all fits together. Ack.

Last Wednesday while the girls were at their Wednesday morning program (I know, their Wed. morning program is on Wednesdays, how shocking), I managed to clean their room, then drag all of their clothing bins out of the closet so I could get everything all sorted and packed. And then I promptly ran out of time and left bins all over their rooms. Smart penguin, ha, because now they’ve been getting into the bins and everything is all helter-skelter… so tomorrow is Wednesday again (or, rather, today is, because I NEED TO GO TO BED but also want to stay up late writing this blog), and hopefully tomorrow I will get all the bins properly sorted, labeled, taped shut, and back in the closet. Because I’m sick of tripping over them and also starting to get suspicious that the girls are arranging them into walls for “houses” and that I will find secret hordes of dolls and tea sets when I move the bins.

On the homeschool front, we have finished Ireland and we’re on to Scandinavia! Emily told me today, befuddled, “Ireland is Ireland and it’s a separate country from the United Kingdom! But Scotland is part of the United Kingdom! Isn’t that weird?” So she has sort of learned something, at least, on a 6-year-old level. I’m also busy being obsessed with making plans for next year, when we start Sonlight’s “Core B: Introduction to World History, Part 1.” I’ve found a bunch of books on ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and China to add, hoping to make it last at least a full year (since we do year-round) or maybe even 18 months. I have some readers for Emily, so I’ll make her a little schedule of when her reading is due, I think she’ll get a kick out of that. I might even have her reread the pertinent Magic Tree House books when we get to those subjects, as I think she’d enjoy that. She already asked me if there will be Magic Tree House books at our new library after our move. Oh, and I need to remember to warn my husband that she’s going to be asking for a tree house. Hopefully not a magic one.


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