Today we finished Norway! We read a nonfiction book from the library about Norway, and then read “Good Babies” (a story about a human family and troll family–trolls feature prominently in Norwegian legends), “Master Maid,” “Olle and the Troll,” and “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” We also did the Norway page from the Usborne Sticker Book Around the World, which the girls love and wish had a page for every country. Tomorrow, on to Sweden! I’m rather excited about Sweden, as we’re going to be reading four of the Flicka, Dicka, Ricka books, which I think are just so very cute. I’m not sure if we’ll do two or three days for Sweden. It might depend on how much time we have tomorrow, since the girls have Mother’s Day Out earlier in the day. Emily is interested in Sweden because of the American Girl, Kirsten, who came from that country. It looks like we’ll have about three weeks left here before we leave. So depending on how much school we get done during that time, we might get as far as Germany (hitting Sweden, Finland, France, and the Netherlands along the way).

The girls have been spending most of the day outside lately. It’s been nice and warm, and lovely on those days it’s not raining. I finally got the grass cut today, as it was the first non-raining day in a while. The grass I planted in the backyard is starting to come up ever so slowly. I hope it gets established enough to survive on its own when I leave! Mostly I’m excited about moving to our new house and getting set up. I love unpacking almost as much as I hate packing.

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