Maybe “Little Box of Crayons: a stay-at-home mom with four little crayons” would have fit this theme better

But, then, it’s only because they didn’t have any penguin themes. Or arctic/antarctic. Or snow. Or… well, anything that would really fit with penguins. I don’t really like cold or snow, anyway. I’m a temperate penguin. šŸ™‚

Our move is happening slowly. We are finally out of our old house. Thankfully. I am so, so glad to be out of there. However, we still don’t have a settlement date on our new house. Mortgage company stinks. After this is settled, I need to go write reviews on every site I can find about how awful they are. Anyway, due to their constant ability to lose paperwork, overlook crucial details and suddenly require us to rush rush rush to fix things they forgot, settlement keeps getting pushed back. So we still don’t have a date to officially move in yet. However, the seller agreed to pre-occupancy, which means he allowed us to move our stuff in even though we hadn’t reached settlement yet. This was very kind of him, as Seth had to start work on Monday and really didn’t have any other days that would work to unload the truck, and it would cost us $90 or so a day for every day we kept the truck. Could have gotten very expensive for us (like $900) if he hadn’t let us unload. Now we just have to hope that the mortgage company gets all the paperwork together and hasn’t forgotten/lost some other crucial document so that we can actually go to settlement soon and start to unpack. The girls and I are staying temporarily with my parents, who live about 1.5 hours away, and Seth is staying with a friend who lives near work. It’s nice to visit with my parents, but I’d like to not feel like I’m *stuck* here because I don’t have a home of my own right now. Come on, mortgage company, get it together!

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