Sonlight Core C add-ons – General

It’s that time when I’m starting to plan some of the books I’d like to add to Core C.  Because I can never just leave well enough alone, apparently.  🙂  I love adding books.

One book that we’re really enjoying right now is “Pages of History, Volume One.”  It’s an interesting mix of fiction and nonfiction.  There isn’t a whole lot of a story, most of it is explaining history, but it does have some story to it, and even the way the history is told is very much a story.  It does a really interesting job of pulling things together and explaining things, more so than I’ve seen in other history books.  The writing is decent, although it does feel a little stilted from time to time, especially in dialogue.  Nonetheless, I’d recommend it to other people studying ancient history.

Since we like it so much, I’m going to be getting “Pages of History, Volume Two” to go with Core C.  The first book actually covers a great deal more history than Core B does (I think it goes to about the time of the printing of the King James Bible, whereas Core B goes to the fall of Rome), so we won’t need the second volume until well into Core C.

We’re also enjoying the Story of the World, both as a book and on CD.  It goes into a lot more detail in an easier to understand fashion than a Child’s History of the World, which is the spine that Sonlight uses.  However, we use both, because I think having two different perspectives is valuable, and hearing the same piece of information twice (when they do line up) helps cement it in our minds.

I’m also considering adding in some of the “Life Story Missions” books.  We’ll be reading one of them, “Catching Their Talk in a Box,” as part of Sonlight.  I’m thinking about adding some of the others, those that take place outside of the Americas:

Outside Doctor on Call

Happiness Under the Indian Trees

Keeping Them All in Stitches

Whistling Bombs and Bumpy Trains

No Time Out

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Another series that looks interesting is the “Profiles From History” series, of which there are three volumes.  Volumes 1 and 3 would be the most useful to put with Core C.  This is basically a book of biographies, but they look good, and I think highlighting some of the particular people of these times periods helps the history come to life.  Volume 2 is entirely American history, so we’ll do that with Cores D and E.  Volumes 1 and 3 have quite a few Americans, so we’ll save those parts for later, but they also have some number of (mostly European) other historical figures.  The books were apparently written by a homeschooler!

In the next few posts, I’m going to be going through some books I’ve thought to add, categorized by time period: Late Antiquity (fall of Rome to 500AD), Middle Ages (5th-15th century), Early Modern Period (1450-1750), and Late Modern Period (1750-1914).  You’ll notice some occasional overlap, because of course certain time periods are transitional, but I’m using the ages as defined by Wikipedia, that be-all and end-all of human wisdom… 🙂

One thing I want to mention in here is that I am not supplementing Sonlight because it isn’t sufficient on its own.  I’m supplementing it because I just like slowing down and going a little deeper, and also because we year-round school, we tend to get ahead of ourselves, and I don’t want to progress too quickly through the Sonlight cores.  Also, Jenny really likes to listen in on the cores, so having some books that are lighter books (which many of these are) will help with that.  I do sometimes have Emily read some of the added books to herself, though, so that can depend on how we’re progressing.

Without further ado, I’m going to prepare the lists of books by age in the next few posts.

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