Geography spines for next year

In an attempt to simplify my geography program a bit for use with my next two girls, I’ve been looking at nonfiction geography books that might work for the program. Last time I went through it, I tried to get an easy geography book from the library for each of the countries we spent a few days or more on.

However, this time through, I’d like to use some of those books that have a page or two on each of many countries, and not get all the individual books. Mostly because, with younger kids, I’d rather just read a few pages about each country and not a whole book. Some of the countries may be duplicated in the books, but I’d still rather read a short page spread from one book one day, another book another day, than try to read a full nonfiction book. It will be more repetitious, but that might be a good thing.

Some of the books I’m looking at are:

What the World Eats
Children Around the World
Children from Australia to Zimbabwe
My First Atlas

From last year, I’ll still be using:

Children Just Like Me
A Life Like Mine

I won’t be using “A Child’s Introduction to the World,” because that one is a little too advanced for the kids this time.

My main story spines will be:

Around the World in 80 Tales
Stories from Around the World
Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales
Stories from Africa

I will also be including various individual books from my library and my collection.

I’m thinking to make the schedule one Bible reading and two geography readings per day (one nonfiction and one fiction, where applicable, but sometimes both fiction if that’s what I have). I may also schedule some poetry, we’ll see. I figure that I can keep plenty of picture books on hand, and read one of those as well on days that we want a little more reading. But already sometimes we’re hard-pressed to get all the various readings and lessons done per day, so I don’t want to make it longer than I have to.

Also, with dropping off Native America and the general geography, it’s going to be harder to fill 36 weeks, especially as my current library system isn’t as robust as the other was, and I don’t have all those full nonfiction books to try to fit in.

I’ll be waiting for my newly-ordered books to arrive so I can catalog which countries they cover, then I’ll be getting started.

My other project that I’ll be starting on soon is making a notebooking journal to go with Science in the Beginning, the new book by Jay Wile. I have in mind to do a few simple games/activities for each section, so I think that will be fun to come up with.


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