Ancient Africa

And last, we have Africa.  This was the hardest to find *anything* for.  Egypt is, of course, in Africa, and seems to be far the dominant African history.  While Nubia is mentioned often in the Bible and history, and even in an Agatha Christie book I was reading they refer to African natives as “Nubians,” I was unable to find any fiction books to add to Sonlight’s Core B study of Africa.  There are some nonfiction books, but generally they look a bit too advanced to hold the interest of my daughter, and I think she’d only tolerate them to get to the fiction, of which there isn’t really any of significance.

The only books I can think to add are books of African folktales, legends, and myths, *some* of which may be old enough to have come from ancient Africa.  The Anansi spider stories are very old, for instance, although I can’t verify that they would quite count as “ancient.”  There are also some books of African folktales, like the Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales, that may contain tales old enough.  So my plan is just to basically throw myself upon the mercy of my local library and librarians and see what they can come up with in terms of ancient Africa.  Most libraries would at least have some Anansi stories, and those tend to be pretty fun.  Pot of Wisdom: Anansi Stories sounds like an interesting one.  So no list of specific add-ons for Africa, sorry!