Ancient Egypt

I’m working on making plans for next year (we’ll probably start in October or November, it’ll depend on when we finish with our geography curriculum). We’ll be using Sonlight’s Core B, which is the first half of world history and is mostly focused on ancient history. I’d ideally like it to last longer than a year, maybe 18 months, so I’m adding in a bunch of extra books as well. I’d like to share with you what I’ll be doing.

The books Sonlight uses in Core B that look to deal with ancient Egypt are:
A Child’s History of the World
The Usborne Book of World History
Usborne Time Traveler
Tut’s Mummy (Step Into Reading)
There might also be a bit in:
The Usborne Book of Houses and Homes
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World

Books I’ll be adding for ancient Egypt are:

Usborne Sticker Dressing Long Ago (Megan Cullis)
Hands and Hearts History kit ( for some hands-on activities–I will probably try to align these so we do an activity near when we learn about the topic, like the make-a-mummy thing when we’re reading about King Tut, etc.

Read-alouds (some of these might turn out to be easy enough to be readers instead):
History News: The Egyptian News (Scott Steedman)
Boy of the Pyramids: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt (Ruth Jones)
Adventures in Ancient Egypt (Linda Bailey, Good Times Travel Agency)
Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphics (James Rumford)
Egyptian Diary: The Journal of Nakht (Richard Platt)
Tirzah (Lucille Travis, Biblical Egyptian history)

The Plot on the Pyramid (Deary)
The Phantom and the Fisherman (Deary)
The Magic and the Mummy (Deary)
The Gold in the Grave (Deary)
The Curse of the Pharaoh (#1 in the Agatha: Girl of Mystery series, Stevenson)

If you’re doing Core B with an older child (8 or so) you might want to add these:
Awesome Egyptians (Terry Deary, Horrible Histories series)
Awful Egyptians (Terry Deary, Horrible Histories series)
Pyramid (MacAulay)