Ancient India

This one was pretty hard to find much to add on.  There’s just not a lot on ancient India at the right age range, and it’s hard to figure out time periods for a lot of the items I found.  So, just like for China, I can’t guarantee that every book I’ve listed here takes place during the same time period as Sonlight’s Core B study of India.  I hope they do, but I’ve done most of my research online and don’t have Core B in hand yet, so I can’t be absolutely sure.

The books that Sonlight uses in Core B that look to deal with ancient India are:
A Child’s History of the World
The Usborne Book of World History
Usborne Time Traveler
There might also be a bit in:
The Usborne Book of Houses and Homes
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World

The books I’ll be adding for ancient India are:

Usborne Sticker Dressing Long Ago (Megan Cullis)
Hands and Hearts Ancient Far East Discovery kit ( This kit is for both China and India.

Read-alouds (some of these may work as readers):

Rama and the Demon King (Souhami)
Brave Little Parrot (Martin)
Savitri (Mathews) (a friend says this book is rather dark, so be warned)


Pearl of Bengal (#2 in the Agatha: Girl of Mystery series by Stevenson)
King’s Warrior (Gunderson)
Elephant Dancer (Gunderson)
Horse on the Hill (Gunderson)
Servant and the Water Princess (Gunderson)