Ancient Rome

And now on to ancient Rome!

The books that Sonlight uses in Core B that look to deal with ancient Rome are:
A Child’s History of the World
The Usborne Book of World History
Usborne Time Traveler
Roman Diary
Detectives in Togas
There might also be a bit in:
The Usborne Book of Houses and Homes
The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World

The books I’ll be adding for ancient Rome are:

Usborne Sticker Dressing Long Ago (Megan Cullis)
Hands and Hearts History kit ( This kit is for both Greece and Rome.

Read-alouds (some of these may work as readers):
History News: The Roman News (Andrew Langley)
A Triumph for Flavius (Caroline Snedeker, looks like a great transition from Greece to Rome)
Little Miriam of Galilee (Edith Martin, Biblical Roman history)
Out of Darkness (Alicia Peterson, Biblical Roman history)
Brave Cloelia (Livy)

The Shepherd and the Racehorse (Blackaby)
The Torchbearer (Blackaby)
The Secret Warning (Blackaby)
The Blue Stone Plot (Blackaby)

If you’re doing Core B with an older child (8 or so) you might want to add these:
Rotten Romans (Terry Deary, Horrible Histories series)
Ruthless Romans (Terry Deary, Horrible Histories series)
City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction (David MacAulay)
Rome Antics (David MacAulay)