Sonlight Core C add-ons – Late Modern Age

Shaka, King of the Zulus, by Stanley

Shadow of His Hand, Lawton

A Little Princess, Burnett

The Secret Garden, Burnett

Peter Pan, by Barrie

Not many to add here.  This seems like a good time to mention that I do *not* guarantee that I have the right time period for any of these books.  For one thing, most were selected from Amazon and I had to do with the Amazon reviews and description, not personal knowledge.  For another, some of the time periods overlap, and I’m also copying from wish lists that I created privately on Amazon, so there’s always the possibility of a book sneaking into the wrong time period.  So if you use any, do your research and make sure you know when to fit it in!

Along with that, I’ll mention that while I attempted to thoroughly research these books, I have read almost none of them.  So I’m using Amazon age recommendations, page count, reviews, and other clues to determine whether they’re age appropriate.  I can’t promise you they’re right.  I’ve generally looked for books that are in the 8-12 age range at the oldest.  My daughter will be 8 while doing Core C, so that’s what I was aiming for.  If you have a sensitive kid or a younger kid doing Core C, pre-read.  Most of the picture books say 6+ or 7+, or 6-8, so hopefully they’ll be right.  My younger daughter is just listening in, but she’ll be 6 when we do Core C.

That’s all for tonight, folks!  My bread is out of the oven and cooling as we speak, so I should be able to go to bed soon.