Sonlight Core C add-ons – Middle Ages

Cathedral, by Macaulay

Castle, by Macaulay

Who the World was the Secretive Printer?, by Beckham

Who in the World was the Unready King?, by Clark

Who in the World was the Acrobatic Empress?, by Phillips

Castle Diary (large version – Sonlight uses a small version without the big pictures)

Joan of Arc, by Stanley

Favorite Medieval Tales, by Mary Pope Osborne

William Shakespeare & the Globe, by Aliki

Sir Cumference books, by Neuschwander

Saint George and the Dragon, by Hodges

Magic in the Margins, by Nikola-Lisa

Beorn the Proud, by Polland

Dangerous Journey, by Hunkin

Tinker’s Daughter, by Lawton

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, by Pyle

Fine Print, by Burch

Castle in the Attic, by Winthrop

Battle for the Castle, by Winthrop

I may weed some of these down.  The two books about John Bunyan and the Pilgrim’s Progress go well together: “Dangerous Journey” is a child’s retelling of a “Pilgrim’s Progress,” and “Tinker’s Daughter” is a story about the author’s blind daughter.  So I think those two go well together.  But “Fine Print” and “Who in the World was the Secretive Printer?” are both on Gutenberg, and I may choose one or the other.

“Castle in the Attic” and “Battle for the Castle” are just modern day fantasy stories about a child with a toy castle that comes to life, but I think they will be a fun breather to add while reading about castle life.  They’ll be readers, not books that I plan to read aloud.

In general, Emily’s reading is at this point strong enough that probably all chapter books will be readers.  Picture books and other shorter works that can be read in a few days will remain read-alouds.  It’s possible by the time we get to these books that Jenny may be able to read them as well, so if so, Emily can read them and then pass them along to Jenny.